hiv positive dating

Why I join a HIV dating site and continue on with my life?

What is the most important thing in online dating? Honesty!!!

Honesty is the number one key to safety and dating when you have HIV. We were infected by a careless person, so give the proper respect and tell the other person what you are carrying, give them the option to leave it alone or pursue it. It’s also good to fill in people about your disease. All the knowledge and background on your HIV is helpful. Honesty helps in a lot of situations. Also we all know there are plenty of things to protect us from diseases like dental dam , condoms, vibrating rings, lubricants, etc that can make sex safe an fun. Safe and honest is being healthy.

By dana8362, Pennsylvania, United States.

Hello, I recently joined this site to help further my life with HIV. I also wanted to share advice/experience I’ve had since my diagnosis. Living with an std can be very hard you at first. Worrying about what others think and if you will find love again. No need to stress about it. Tons of people are going through the same problem. You’re not alone out there. Why I joined to this site. Reason im posting is to tell ya it’s best to be honest in your position. When getting involved with someone new, you wanna let em know you have an std. Take the initiative before its too late. I recently met a woman who was clean. Totally worried about my ordeal, I told her. To my surprise, she was very accepting since I was up front with my condition. Really wanted to share this since I feared the exact.opposite. Want everyone who shares my worries to know there is hope in having love again!!! Stay strong!!

Byloke741, Nebraska, United States

Dating with HIV, you should remember Honesty to your partner and then enjoy your dating life as normal person.