We all have an STD— Everyone here has somthing in common

So I have been on this site a little more than a couple of months. I have tried the whole live chat thing just to talk to other people and find out their stories. I understand that people have the right to refuse to talk to you, but c’mon, be nice about it. Everyone on this site is here for one common purpose, and thats to meet others who had gotten themselves into this unfortunate situation. Most of the time when someone talks to another member, they just want to know that there is someone else out there that is dealing with the same thing. Everyone here already has somthing in common, we all have an STD. All I’m saying is give someone a chance, learn their story, have a short conversation versus just refusing to say hello, whether you have somthing in common or not, you would be surprised how far a little common courtesy can go.

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By ochbum2007, Texas, United States