Two HIV-Positive women share their stories of living with HIV / AIDS

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I think a lot of people think that we will never be infected. You know, at this time, in other people. Los Angeles Nicole price think the same thing. But then she tested positive.
“12 years ago, I was diagnosed with this week. I am 25 years of age, I have an appointment for a guy for about five years. We broke up, a year later he was really ill. We found out that he has AIDS completely, so I get test. This is a waiting period of two weeks. Then I also tested positive.
James was diagnosed in 2009.
“At that time, I was homeless, use of drugs in my life and make a very poor choice. Give me HIV person has not told me, disclosed to me later, after the fact.
Two women working for beibei in Los Angeles made an attempt on the network.
In the face of HIV/AIDS and sisters, “a woman,” nicole explained. “This is a colleague’s plan, the whole staff is HIV positive. We provide peer support to women and people living with HIV.
Women were newly diagnosed women asked all sorts of problems.
“I want to have children? I die? No one will love me. I’ll? I want to have a good life?
Recently, more often than not, they are asked to date. Dating is very difficult, because it is, but have to tell a person, you are HIV positive, and make it more difficult.
“It is never easy, it is always very nervous scar,” Brenda said. “The fact I ask myself, as for,” I said at the appropriate time? I say the right thing to do? You know, there was never a right time, not a right way to tell others.
James is a positive person with a relationship, but she did go to a date, a news did not respond to her.
“We kissed, at that time, I know I have to tell him, no matter whether he wants to hear. I just don’t want to let it further in this. His reaction, he was just a bit scary. He went to, received a test the next day, after a kiss. He finally got sick after a few weeks, and decided to test again. Still need more education in society.
Nicole has just walked out of a relationship for five years, so she is a HIV single, and trying to reach.
“I recently got a guy, public performance is not good. First of all, he is very good, and then, after we get married, he is not very good. We use protection and everything, but it’s really afraid of him. I can understand why he really afraid. So he was tested several times. But it makes me feel really bad, because I am a man of this terrible away. So, it’s not easy.
I must admit that I almost stopped HIV education, after I graduated from high school, this is I know, you can’t get HIV share drinks or toilet seat or a kiss. But since the end of my education, has made great progress.
“This is not a death penalty, it is more a kind of chronic disease,” said nicole. “As long as you take your medicine, you see your doctor, take care of themselves, just as you should, you can lead a normal life now. I eat a grain, once a day, this is great. This is the combination of the triad.
Two women who were not experienced a health scare.
“I’ve been unable to detect for eight years,” said nicole. “That doesn’t mean I don’t have it, it just means that it’s very repression in my immune system. My immune system work well.
If women had an “on questions about how to tell someone they are active, nicole and Brenda to help them.
“You don’t want to tell them too early, you don’t want to wait too long,” nicole said. “You don’t want to let your heart there. It is a big deal, it’s not a broken toe. So it is understandable, it will be scary. I think your delivery, how you feel about yourself. I used to help other women, we do simulation revealed how to do this. It’s different every time always.
The strongest message: test. Lucy said, if it is not high-risk, but everyone is at risk, doctors sometimes say women can’t accept HIV testing. She says, the number of heterosexual women diagnosed caught up with the number of gay men.

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