The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating with HIV

If you were under the impression that living with herpes is tough, try dating with herpes. Thanks to the stigma attached with herpes, people find it extremely difficult to cope up with the embarrassment of having a sexually transmitted infection. Besides, given the fact that HIV is incurable, getting over the trauma associated with the diagnosis is tough. It seems like the struggle is useless and unavailing. However, the dating sites for people living with HIV have become fairly popular and they’ve been doing a tremendous job of bringing together like – minded people.

In this article, we will be discussing about the do’s and don’ts of dating someone with HIV. Below are four items about it you need to know:

Step into his/her shoes

Although easier said than done, dating someone with herpes isn’t a very pleasant experience. However, instead of being judgmental about his past relationships, it is essential you step into his/her shoes and look at the entire situation from a different perspective. You may also want to look at the scenario from a neutral perspective. Coming to terms with the fact that he has HIV isn’t easy and this is when he needs your support and certainly not a backlash.

Don’t treat the infection as a sexual death sentence

It is to be borne in mind that people with HIV or any other sexually transmitted infection for that matter can have a satisfying sex life. While you might have to get acquainted to the new set of rules, it shouldn’t take a lot of time. Get in touch with your healthcare provider and talk with him on what should and shouldn’t be done in bed. Above all, use contraceptives all the time.

Understand the intricate details about HIV

There are a lot of myths on HIV doing the rounds on the World Wide Web and there are chances you might fall prey to these. It is essential you get your facts right. You may either join a support forum and reach out to like – minded people seeking help or meet a STD expert to get clarity on what it is like to be living with HIV.

He needs support not sympathy

Showing sympathy will only make things worse. Always remember, he needs your support and not sympathy. You don’t have to be sorry about his situation. Instead, be absolutely normal about it make every possible effort to make him stronger. Instead of adding to the complication and confusion, get your ducks in line and ensure the environment your partner is living in is absolutely healthy so he doesn’t contract any other ailments, owing to the weakened immune system.

Are you dating with HIV or dating someone with HIV? Forget all the concerns and abide by all the aforementioned guidelines for a life of contentment and happiness.

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