The chance of HIV infection with unprotected sex in HIV dating

Informed the Center for disease control showed that proportion of sexually transmitted HIV/AIDS new infections in USA has reached 87%, and continue to rise.Unsafe sex has become the main means of HIV transmission and infection, many people in unprotected sex are very frightened, I do not know what will be infected, what, then, and people living with HIV/AIDS sexual exposure to HIV infection?Let us follow the experts to come to a common understanding.

Vaginal intercourse with people living with HIV/AIDS no chance of HIV infection:

In theory, the HIV-positive women the chance of infecting healthy men without any sexual intercourse only 1/500–1/1000 known as 500-1000 free sex, healthy men were infected.HIV-positive men through vaginal intercourse is likely to spread to healthy women 1/300–1/500 known as 300-500 free sex, healthy women would be men infected by HIV.But this is only theory, in real life, not safe sex STD infection rates are very high, if you have genital ulcers, damage will increase AIDS infections without vaginal intercourse 20 times!In addition, the physiological structures are more likely to be infected with HIV, if gynecological inflammation, cervical erosion, Physiology, hymen, sexual violence can increase the chance of women infected with HIV.

With people living with HIV/AIDS-free anal sex (anal) the chance of HIV infection:
Passive GJ (accept party) infection AIDS of chances can reached 1/100, insert party infection AIDS of chances can up 1/800 above, although so, but not expected of dangerous still has many, like male with crowd STD infection rate high, genital ulcer damaged, situation are compared more, accept anal make party almost rarely has Rectal Mucosa intact of situation, these will increased male with GJ infection AIDS of possibilities, also so reality in the has many once GJ on was AIDS infection of example.

People living with HIV/AIDS patients with no risk of HIV infection through oral sex:

Oral sex is one way to lower the rate of HIV infection, and receiving oral sex party low risk of infection than the implementation of oral sex 1 time.Receiving oral sex HIV/AIDS infection rates are 1/10000, implementation of HIV infection through oral sex is 1/5000, which means 5000-10000 will be infected with HIV through oral sex.This is just theoretical data, real-life oral sex HIV/AIDS infection rates far in excess of expectations, United States on AIDS-infected gay people do a survey, the crowd 8% of HIV infection from oral sex.

So when you are dating with HIV positive, you should protect yourself as far as possible.