Some Common Attitude towards HIV / AIDS for Positive Singles

1. HIV does not define you

The first feeling a person has on receiving a positive HIV test result is that of fright, dread and shame. We are scared of what other people are going to think about us or if they are going to judge us or show aversion or hostility towards us. But we need to understand that living with HIV doesn’t alter who we are, it is nothing to be ashamed of because we have not anything wrong; it is our life and our body, and we are in-charge of how we feel about it and deal with it.

2. Talk about it ( Live Counselor )

Resort to therapy if you are not able to handle your emotions well. Accept that you need help. Seek a good counselor, a good therapist or talk to your friends and your loved ones about it. Share your fears with them. It is the fear and social stigma attached to HIV which makes it worse. .You can live a normal life without having it affect your personal relationships or your day to day life.

3. Relax and surround yourself with people who support you

Indulge yourself in relaxing activities like dancing, meditation, gardening, painting etc. Talk to people about your diagnosis but carefully choose who you want to share this with. Make a support system for yourself. Turn to people you trust when you feel frightened.

4. “HIV isn’t a death sentence. It’s a punctuation mark in the long sentence that is life”

You can live a normal, happy and long life with proper medical care. According to latest surveys, it is seen that the chance of transmission of the virus from an infected person to an HIV negative person is almost nil if given proper medical care. Many HIV positive people have had successful relationships with their partners without any transmission of the virus.

5. Community support for HIV

Revealing your date about your diagnosis can be a difficult task. But you are not alone. More than 1 million people in the US have HIV.You may feel cloistered and isolated but there are so many communities out there offering unconditional support and love. This whole dating scenario can feel quite daunting, forums and web sites like its time to date again, Positive Singles, Poz personals can help you meet people with similar health conditions or who are open to dating people with sensitive health conditions.

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