So I started dating someone, when and how should I bring up my std?


There is really no correct answer to this question. You may think of an approach that works well for you. However, I strongly recommend that your prepared to answer any questions a partner may have. Get your facts from the Center for Disease Control, American Sexual Health Association and government resources. Many articles online provide wrong information.

I would recommend telling a partner about your situation after a couple of dates. A partner may prefer to know about your situation right away. If you wait too long to have the talk it could mislead a partner. Ideally you want to tell someone who you know won’t tell others about your situation. Trust is important.

It’s also important that you prepare yourself mentally to talk to a partner. You want to start off by saying something positive. “I enjoy your company and I want a relationship with you. However, there is something I need to talk to you about”. Prepare yourself to remain calm, make eye contact and to speak with a normal tone of voice. Your attitude could influence a partner. You could also talk about ways to have safe sex.

You want to talk to a partner when no one else is around and in an area where you partner will act natural. Never tell a partner about your situation if the other person is in a bad mood or during the heat of the moment. After you talk to a partner allow him/her time to think about the relationship. It’s important to keep a positive attitude and to continue educating partner about safe sex. The chance of passing herpes to a partner could be very low.

Never talk rejection personally. Some partners are willing to accept the situation and others won’t.

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