Should I tell my date I’m HIV-positive?

When you find you have HIV positive, seems it is difficult to tell your partner. As HIV counselor, we think you need have a talk with your date. You should come out about your HIV Positive status before you have oral, anal, or vaginal sex, not for their safety as much as yours.
According to the Center for HIV Law and Policy, 36 states and two U.S. territories have HIV-specific criminal statutes. Each of those states has reported proceedings in which an HIV-positive person has been arrested and/or prosecuted for consensual sex, biting, or spitting, and in some states even a hand job can be a risky act if you haven’t told your sexual partner your status. A report from the group documents 80 prosecutions in a recent two-year period, such as that of an HIV-positive Iowa man who had used a condom (he had to register as a sex offender and is not allowed unsupervised contact with young children, including his nieces and nephews) and a Georgia woman who was sentenced to eight years in prison for failing to disclose her HIV-positive status, even though two witnesses told jurors that her sexual partner was aware of her diagnosis. Knowing the laws is important, protecting you from prosecution even more so. Disclose first, fool around after. These laws are outdated, prejudicial, and more harmful than protected sex with a person with HIV, but for now you have to protect yourself from them.
So, you should have a TALK with your partner when you wanna begin a hiv positive dating. Then you can join to check the safety tips of sex with HIV, So, dating with HIV is not a difficult thing.