Sex with herpes: Is a condom effective against all STDs?


If I use a condom could I still catch an STD?


STDs such as herpes and HPV/ genital warts are spread by coming in direct skin to skin contact with the virus. Herpes and HPV could surface the skin even if there isn’t a visual outbreak. A condom doesn’t always cover the entire genital area. If the herpes virus in on the upper thigh or the base of the penis the virus may spread through sexual intercourse.

It’s important to remember a condom could break during sexual intercourse. It’s fair to say a condom is highly effective. A lubricated latex condom is the best type of condom to use. A lubricated condom reduces friction and is less likely to break. HIV can travel through a sheepskin condom but not a latex condom. It’s also important to avoid sexual intercourse during outbreaks or if any symptoms of an STD are active.

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