SEX? There is still one thing to remember for hiv positive dating

Ok, so you have HIV. That’s why we’re all here. While it’s great that you have found people you can relate to and date without having “the talk”, you still need to be responsible when it comes to having sex. Most people here are honest and have posted what condition they have. It doesn’t mean they don’t have something else and don’t know it. Unless this person has been stranded on a desert island with no one to have sex with for the last year, you need to assume they have something and use a condom and protect yourself as much as possible. Just think of how you felt when you first found out you had HIV. Then think of how you’d feel now that you’re more aware of how precious your health is if you got another STD because of a careless moment.

I would like to remind all that if you already are infected with something doesn’t mean to stop practicing safe sex. Take your time and get to know your partner. Your never know if they will turn out with worse secret than the person who infected you already.

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By MotionPositive, Ontario, Canada