PS is a trusted HIV dating site which add luster to my romantic life

PS means Positive Singles Site, when I first heard of this site on I was so excited to find a place where people can relate. I immediately subscribed to receive all of the amazing perks of interacting with others. I decided to only get a month just to test the waters. Needless to say, within the month of being here, I’ve only talked to one real person. The women here, ( I’m gay) seem to not understand the concept of online HIV dating/friendships. I sent too many messages to remember to different women just looking for a simple conversation.
1. everyone is so scared of giving their numbers out that. They would prefer settling for emails back and forth. I’m old school. I crave to converse one a one to one level and get more into it and out.
2. I asked the creators to give the option to choose lesbian, bi, gay in searches and on profiles. That would’ve saved me the trouble of going through a million profiles and having women feel I’m invading. I can say I’m glad I only paid for a month. I’m now deleting my profile and warning any and everyone I can not to join. Maybe it was my luck, but from reading the blogs, I’m not the only one. Thanks PS

Advice to other members:

Read through the blogs first to get a feel of how it is first. I personally think its already shity that we have this “gift” and in order to meet others like we have to pay.

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