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Genital herpes is caused by the genital herpes simplex virus ( HSV ). It is the most common ulcerative sexually transmitted infection in the UK.
The virus can cause severe systemic disease in neonates (newborn infants) and the immunosuppressed and it may facilitate HIV transmission. Many HSV infections are subclinical (not detectable), as there are no signs or symptoms of disease.

According to the statistic, about 780,000+ people in UK are suffering from HSV, HIV/AIDS or other types of herpes. Though Herpes / HIV dating UK can be difficult for anyone, it requires complete honesty and a certain level of disclosure before any sexual act, then you should join a helpful herpes / HIV dating site in UK, a good HIV dating site in UK is not just to help you find your love but also expose you to the group of people who have HSV / HIV. You can surfer the service like HSV / HIV support, HSV / HIV dating tips, HSV / HIV medical answers and live consultations with HSV / HIV experts and professional counselors. 

Here we introduce you positivesingles.com – the UK’s first and largest secure HSV / HIV dating site, exclusively for men and women looking for love, friendship, support or simply fun.

PositiveSingles.com has been online for almost 20 years offering a safe, friendly place for people with HSV / HIV to date and find love, or simply make new friends. So come and join our instant chat rooms, share messages, pictures and much more.

This group requires its members to state their STD types when registering. You can easily find out people with HIV and send your flirting. And it provides useful dating advices and safety tips for its members to read. Always disclose your status and practice safe sex are the keys to dating with HIV. You protect yourself while you are trying to protect others.

It is an exclusive community for people with HIV and other STDs. Those people without any STD will be removed from the admin within 24 hours within registration. All people at this site are friendly and all the topics on this site are about HIV dating and STD dating. It is an user-friendly site and a family for people with HIV and STDs.

People specify the sex, age, location along with the condition you are suffering from while registering. All is kept private unless you want to be find by others. You can hide your profile from all or hide it from people with other STDs. PositiveSingles.com has a serious privacy policy in which they use IP address to track user demographics and to limit accessibility to users who are below the age of 18. This would improve the veracity of profiles in the site thus lowering the chances for frauds. They also have an internal system to prevent frauds from registering.

With more than 1,780,000 active members, positiveSingles.com never sells any information of its members to any third party and it uses no third party’s app or feature that may possible steal the information of its members.

Meet positive singles in UK for Herpes / HIV dating , please join:

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