Our “hiv positive dating” relationship is blossoming and growing…

The man that i connected with I made it clear that we would only email until I was confident that he was not a fraud or someone with the same values as myself. One day he was telling me about the cinch bugs in his lawn and what he was doing to get rid of them and at that point i knew he wasn’t a fraud as we had gardening in common. I was then able to text back and forth as this was more accessible to get to know him a better. We did this for about another 2 weeks and then we decided to met half way from each others home and meet at Tim’s.

Tim’s should have a commercial where good friends meet over a cup of tea/coffee and relationships happen in a relaxed atmosphere. A couple weeks later i was on a road trip which would mean going past his place when i was on my way home. We met for a Sunday afternoon at his place and had a great time. We started to converse and give each other our stories.

A week after that he came to my place for a afternoon and once again we sat and enjoyed each others company very much. When he left the day I felt that i had made the best friend ever. I think we took the time to get to know each other and found that we very much enjoy being in each other’s company. I joined him as his date at a family wedding party and met all of his family. I got along very well with this family and they were very friendly with me. Our relationship is blossoming and growing. I do feel we will be with each other for a long time.

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Contributed by Tomkisser2007 , Cambridge, ON, Canada