Never lose hope though you are HIV positive

You may get HIV positive at any time for your indulgence in a one-night-stand. First your body starts to behave weird and you feel like there’s something wrong. Then, you decide to take an anonymous HIV test, finally you found out it’s positive. Life is so simple to tease us。

It would be a big shock first and you have no idea what to do and how your life it’s going on. HIV has no cure, maybe you think there’s no ways to make your life any better. But you are wrong, there’s still HOPE even though you are HIV positive.

We list a couple of issues which can make your life better even, you need to deal with HIV.

1. Get much more information about HIV / AIDS

The first thing you should do is gather as much information about HIV as you can. It’s always better to know, what to expect and how to deal with those new issues. The Internet is full of information, however, choose wisely only those ones which come from medical and psychological sites.

2. Give time to calm yourself

Definitely, don’t panic and try to overcome all new information which you might get. Give time to yourself and think well about life and now HIV might affect it. All emotions and nonstop questions are natural since it’s something new for you. Remember, that you don’t have to manage all by yourself. Having someone with who you can talk to, or seeking professional help is much recommended.

3. Be honest talking to your family about your situation

Be honest not only with your healthcare professional but with family and friends as well. Having HIV is nothing to be judged about and all your close relatives will understand it. Being positive about HIV needs time, however, with honesty, this time, will come soon.

4. Seek for professional help

Professional help from your healthcare and doctor will be very useful here. You can get muchinformation about how to deal with sex life, what to avoid and the most important how to start proper treatment to make your life’s quality better. If you feel like sharing your problem with someone, why don’t you try private talking seasons with a psychologist or you can join many of anonymous support group which usually are connected to HIV treatment centers.

5. Get a proper treatment

Medical treatment is important while living with HIV. Not only medicines will keep your body in proper condition but will extend your life for years more. Current HIV treatment is now 100 % cure, however, can keep the virus under control and keep your immune system strong. Remember, once you start treatment you will need to continue this process till the rest of your life, usually, it means taking pills everyday. It’s very important to feel ready to this, since once you start you cannot break it.

6. Keep comfortable and connect with others who have the same situation like you

Mood is the important medicine, since HIV positive has been an indisputable fact, it is pleasant to face it. You may join some active HIV support groups or HIV dating sites to meet more new friends who are the same to you, you can tell your illness together and get more more HIV treatment.

All in all, the most important thing is to keep your soul clean and positive. You are not alone and there are thousands of people who struggle with same issues as you. Find them and have an honest talk. Support each other.

So, never lose hope though you are suffering from HIV / AIDS or any other troubles.