Just Join HIV Dating Website, Don’t Be Worried About Living With HIV

Since I know I have HIV, love is a luxury thing for me, not so necessary. But to be honest, I’m also eager for my soul mate in my deep heart. I knew it’s not easy, especially when I have this gift. I’m always honest and brave when I met a man and decided to have a further contact. Someone refused politely while someone said that it’s OK. But I guess there is something called luck I lose.

Things changed when I met a wonderful guy on Positive Singles by www.hivpositivedatingsites.net. I knew it’s him who I’m looking for a long time. He is handsome, funny and romantic. We have a lot in common besides the HIV. We have texted whole night and wasn’t tired. I called it the magic of love.

After chatting for one month, we decided to meet in real life. We had a coffee in my city and we laughed a lot. He is so charming. I can feel that he loved me too. He planned to move to my city. I also introduced him to my family and friends. They all like him. We both say to each other that this love feels like our first one.

Some tips for you from my success story.

1. Post more details about yourself and your match. The more you wrote, the better others will know you;

2. Protect yourself if you are uncomfortable on posting your real photo on public album. Use private album instead. You can give access to members you like;

3.No offense. But uploading your beautiful and interesting photos to attract more attention. The first impression is important;

4. Once you find someone you are interested, also visit his/her blog/forum messages to know whether his/her opinion you don’t hate;

5. Be cautious about fake or problem profiles. PS does a great job on this. All profiles are approved manually and no annoying advertisements. Even more, it has the verification feature. But there are still some abusive users who pretend to be a good person.

If you are suffering from HIV / Aids, seems nothing scares you anymore, so you just join a HIV dating site and have a try to meet more positive singles.