Is it really possible to find love on HIV Dating Website? Yes it is!

Here is a success story for HIV positive singles from Chloe and Adam.

In 2017, Chloe discovered a six-foot-one truck driver from Cleveland named Adam who had been diagnosed with HIV only three years prior, at age 40. He’d asked to be tested for the virus as a just-to-be-sure precaution during a doctor’s visit for another matter—and had a meltdown when he was diagnosed HIV positive.

“I just lost it,” he recalls. “I was in and out of consciousness, like someone had hit me with a bat. They had to shut down the whole clinic to deal with me.” He says he assumes he contracted HIV from a sexual encounter.

He was devastated. “The doctor told me, ‘You’re going to live a long life.’ And I said, ‘No, you don’t understand.’ Dating was very important to me, and I thought I’d never date again. I felt very alone and wanted to lash out at people.”

But eventually, he considered that perhaps there were online HIV dating sites for folks with HIV, and that’s how he found Positive Singles. It was a lifeline for him—and not just because of romantic possibilities.

“If it weren’t for the site, I don’t know how many years it’d have been before I met another soul with HIV. I met a lot of wonderful women,” he says. But until he and Chloe connected, none of those interactions blossomed into courtship.