If I’ve been exposed to HIV what should I do?


What if I recently had sex with a person who has HIV and the condom broke? What if I got stuck by a needle? What if I used a razor or shared a product with an HIV positive person that contain blood?


PEP is known as post-exposure prophylaxis. PEP is an antiretroviral drug. It’s usually offered to an individual who might have been exposed to HIV within a 72 hour time frame. If PEP works properly it’s suppose to prevent HIV from making copies of itself. If there are a few HIV cells in the body PEP could be effective and prevent a potential HIV infection.

PEP could be offered if one partner has HIV and if the condom breaks. If a person gets stuck by a needle PEP might be administrated. It would be best to call a nurse hotline, your medical doctor or to go to a HIV clinic and see if PEP is offered. HIV is less likely to spread by sharing personal products that may contain blood. However, if you used a razor with someone who has HIV PEP still might be offered. This could also be given to a sexual assault victim. PEP should be given only during unusually situations where HIV infection is possible.

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