I literally met my soul mate on your website.

I literally met my soul mate on your website. I never thought I would be saying this, but getting hiv positive was a blessing, disguised as a nightmare. Had I not caught it there is no way Milena and I would have met. God has a very strange sense of humor!
Our story goes like this…,
We met through a message I sent the Christmas before last. We don’t even live in the same town but there was an instant connection. Added to this, we had so much in common. Without going into detail, I told friends of mine at the time that I had met the female version of myself. We had the same in opinions, values good habits, bad habits, hobbies and more. And we were both going through some hard times in our lives.
Her job meant that she was moving round the UK a lot but I went to visit her when I could in Wat ford and then in Wales. There was an instant connection and chemistry even though I literally had to drive for hours to see her. I sent gifts to her and we exchanged messages for a few months.
We had an argument in her birthday and for one reason or another broke up and didn’t speak for 6 months. This was a miserable time for me, I was with someone else who I really didn’t want to be with. Every day and night I thought of Milena and wished things had worked out differently. I genuinely thought I had lost the opportunity to be with my perfect soul mate.
Anyway a message on your site some 6 months later confirmed that she had been thinking about me just as hard as I was thinking about her for all this time. It was a very happy day for me and I made my decision there and then. After 4 weeks we moved in together in my home town. And for the last 7 months we have been inseparable. We have only spent 1 night apart in 7 months. We live together, train together, sleep together (when I’m not snoring). Support each other. I can honestly say I would not change the herpes for the world. I would never have met this woman if it weren’t for your site, and the herpes.
Plans for marriage. Well I could not imagine myself marrying anyone else. I have found the one for me, I’ve never been happier. We have been through a lot together and both supported each other. We gave up smoking together, she supports me with my work, my family love her. And many of my friends and family tell me they have never seen me so happy.
So thank you for the opportunity your website gave me to meet my favorite person in the world, I will be eternally grateful. I never thought this would happen.

anonymous , United Kingdom, Mar 02, 2015

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