I have never met anyone like him, We are so happy now!

Here is my hiv positive dating success story.

He was the second person I corresponded with and I had talked with other people on other dating sites and one other on PS and never felt a connection so never went as far as to meeting them. I spoke with him over PS for probably about a week then we exchanged numbers and we texted each other for about another week and talked on the phone maybe twice. I was so nervous to even talk with him on the phone.

I was the initiator in the meeting and simply said you seem very nice and we should meet soon…we decided to meet a week later. I wanted to meet quickly because I have a habit of talking myself out of things so I just dove in. We lived about 3 hours apart so decided to meet halfway, although it was much closer to me…he was being sweet. Then from there we had a few more meetings he came to my house and I came to his and from there it was a snowball effect. I moved in with him we are engaged and expecting our first child…

A baby girl! We are so happy and I have never met anyone like him, sometimes I’m even greatfull that we have herpes because we may have never met otherwise. I don’t even think about our disease anymore, it’s like nothing. We are just two people starting a family like any other. Thank you and all of the people at your site that help those feeling lost. I never imagined it would work for me but here we are not even a year later and so happy!

Thank you

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