I built a brand new life in another part of the country with a man I couldn’t go on without

Living in Ohio, it was my birthday in November of 2005 when I came across the hiv positive dating website. I had been separated from my husband for quite some time and was awaiting the finalization of my divorce within the week. I hadn’t been doing much dating, but was looking forward to leaving the past behind and starting a new life.

A week into my membership, I responded to a simple message from a man living in Florida. Two days later, we began a conversation online that lasted about 3 hrs. He had just come out of a serious long term relationship and like me, was ready to start over. There was immediate chemistry. After several hours of conversation, all that was left to say, was “Wow”. There’s was an obvious connection, neither of us could ignore. Our conversation migrated to the telephone, where we continued to tell our life stories until it was time to go to work the next morning. This was a Tuesday morning, and as I went through my day at work, I could hardly concentrate on anything but him. The moment my work day ended, we picked up where we left off and continued talking all night until I fell asleep during the conversation around midnight. Having had no sleep since this all began, it was inevitable. It was now late Wednesday morning, and I had overslept. I missed work that day. I used the time to ponder on where this could lead. He was a man unlike another other that I had met. Far better than I assumed I would ever find. But his life was in Florida, mine in Ohio. Would we fly back and forth?, Would we just ended up breaking it off because of the distance? I began to realize that there is only one way to determine whether or not this is as true as we feel it is. He was born and raised in Florida and had no desire to leave. Me, on the other hand, was looking for an excuse to skip town. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. All I had to do was pack and leave. I took the remainder of the day to say goodbye to my job, and try to convince my family I knew what I was doing.

There were mixed reviews, but I was a determined woman. Thursday was Thanksgiving. I spent the day with my family and left that night with my clothes and my dog. 13 1/2 hours later, on Friday morning, I was in Florida. The next few days was better than the first and everyday thereafter, just got better. Next month, will be 2 years. I built a brand new life in another part of the country with a man I couldn’t go on without. To get big rewards, you have to take big risks. I sure did, and I couldn’t be happier.

cutiepie81 , CINCINNATI, OH, United States

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