HPV – Just as important as everything else, no matter how common

Sometimes you may feel like HPV is treated as almost a joke compared to other STD’s. I say that because everyone has heard of the other STD’s… HIV and Herpes in particular, and HPV is relatively unknown to the masses. HPV is the fastest growing STD, at least in MN. It’s just that most people don’t even know they have it. Because there are no parades, no special colored ribbons to wear, no campaigns to find a cure, no celebrities championing it as a cause… and it is killing women all over the world.

Most people HAVE NO IDEA IT EVEN IS A STD. You can get tested and come up negative, only to have it come back years later. Herpes has become a part of our culture, people hear the word, know the symptoms… (though a lot of people don’t realize that the “cold sore” on their lip is actually a form Herpes… it’s just a “cold sore”…)

HPV is a real, debilitating illness. There are worse things to get infected with and it does not mean that in ANY way shape or form to belittle people infected with other STD’s.

If you have HPV and you are feeling like me, like HPV is treated as almost a joke, or like “not as important” compared with some of the other STD’s… Don’t. It’s not a joke. Your feelings are not a joke. The same feelings of shame, alienation, loneliness, fear and despair are not any less painful because your virus is not as well known as some of the others.

Having HPV is just as hard as having any incurable illness, perhaps even more so because it is not as well known, and there is not alot of accurate information, or people working to help us.Stay strong and know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, even if it feels like that sometimes, even here on this website http://www.hivpositivedatingsites.net .

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