How to take proper precautions and be safe

For all people on the hiv positive dating site:

I know you only have one life to live right? By all means, live it to the fullest by being happy, doing what makes you smile and most importantly, being safe!! I say that because I was in a marriage where I thought everything was great and eventually I found out that it wasn’t as great as I thought. Infidelity played a major part in our separation… Years later, I found out I was exposed to an STD. Everyone wants to find love but while you’re looking you can possibly come across some stumbling blocks that could have been avoided had you taken the proper precautions!

First, getting to known the person you are dating on a more personal level can open up your lines of communication which will lead to being able to trust one another as well as understand them. When it comes to your health, I have learned that their is nothing that you should be ashamed to talk about! If you are working on a relationship, that person should be the one you talk to the most!

Second, GET TESTED!!! Always be aware of your status! And if you have been tested positive for anything, be considerate of your partner by being honest and telling them about your situation, if you haven’t already! That would help avoid a lot of issues in the future by being up front with that person.

Third, always protect yourself!! If you have a outbreak or any issues associated with your situation, take your medicine and keep your distance while you’re healing but remember to show your partner that you are always there for them whenever they may need you! A good support system is always a plus!!

Fourth, never allow yourself to stress about anything and don’t harbor any anger in your heart for no one, even the person who exposed you!! If I knew the things that I know now, I would turn back the hands of time for another chance but now I can only pick up the pieces and move on with my head held high and a smile on my face because I know that regardless of my situation, I am still a beautiful person from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet and you are too! Smile and be happy!!

By Anna2000, California, United States