How to Succeed at Finding Love on a HIV Dating Site

Here is 5 steps to succeed on dating with people with HIV, please check a right HIV dating site and have a try.

hiv positive dating

Make your profile attractive and appealing. Take time to write as much as you can about yourself, and to upload photos of your daily life. For your main photo, select the best photo of yourself you can find. After all, you want to make a good first impression.

Update your profile regularly with new content. You don’t want your profile to seem “dead.” Upload new photos and blog content on a regular basis. Plus, if someone wasn’t interested in you the first time, they might notice you if they see you come up again.

Initiate contacts as much as possible. Almost all of the paid HIV dating sites let members with free standard memberships send “winks” for free, which lets you actively make contact with other members. Some of them even let non-paying members post photo comments, profile comments, and answers to questions from people’s profiles. These give you plenty of ways to signal that you’re interested in someone.

Be active on the site’s blog or forum. Many of the most popular paid HIV dating sites have thriving communities and plenty of activity in their forums, chat rooms, and blog comments. This can give you a place to communicate. Some sites let standard members posts blogs and forum content, helping you show other members that you’re active on the site.

Use the “Moments” feature on the app. Many of the paid HIV dating sites’ apps have a “Moments” feature, where you can post things for your profile on the go. Someone might see it and initiate a conversation with you.