How To Find The Best HIV / AIDs Dating Site In Australia?

With hundreds of sites all spending millions on their marketing to draw you the customer in, how can you know for sure which HIV / aids dating sites will suit you best?

The first thing you should know about online HIV dating in Australia, is that free is not always better. The second thing, when it comes to HIV / aids dating sites, free does not always mean free. If you read the small print of many of these offers it says “registration” is free. And registrations consist of little more than giving them all your information without being able to interact on any meaningful level with other users, UNLESS you pay.

There are still sites out there that are plenty free, without these limitations. You should however be aware that you will more than likely be subjected to an above average amount of advertising, annoying “Newsletters” and messages from scammers. If you are an experienced denizen of the internet, this will not faze you in the slightest. Just turn off the relevant notifications, ignore any obvious scams, and be patient and persistent.

Aids / HIV Dating Australia

Love has no price, but almost all dating companies try to put a ball park figure on it. It works out somewhere between 20 and 60 Australian dating dollars per month. Not cheap, but the idea is that they have a much more invested interest in you finding a match. Economically it makes sense too, people who have financially invested in something believe a lot more in it. A sign up fee is like a letter of intent, it lets other know you are serious about finding and sustaining a relationship. Every site mentioned on here has some way to pay.

As to which site is the best? Well, that’s a pretty open ended question, similar to “which color is the best?”, there is no definitive answer! BUT WAIT! Don’t leave just yet. There is still hope.

In short, we can break the playing field down into three positions.

First of all, there are your HIV/ AIDS sites, perfect for chat, casual dating and experimental relationships. This site might be the best for positive singles who are suffering from HIV / AIDs.

Then there are the dating sites. Compete against thousands of other online singles to attract the attentions of the opposite sex. In this free for all melee, it’s you against the masses. Luckily, armed with arsenal of search filters and acute profile picture vision, you are able to sort through the myriads of profiles and find the diamonds in the rough. Just hope that they message back!

These types of sites are most often free, as they require very little administration from the operators once set up. These sites are best for those on a budget, people looking to get a feel for online dating, journalists looking for an easy story and basically every human on the planet. This is the online dating equivalent of walking down your main shopping street asking strangers if they are single when you don’t see a ring on their finger.

Lastly, there are the matching sites that use proprietary algorithms to match you with a select amount of other users. These sites make dating much more human, but they usually come at a cost, as they have to recover the cost of researching and developing these matching technologies. The science of love is also big business!

This site is perfect for those who have a bit more disposable income, those who are stuck for time, people looking for fast results and older users who need more support and guidance from a customer care agent.So out of the hundreds of Australian HIV dating sites, which one is best for you? We can limit it down to two or three for you! This is hopefully a good head start. See our top 5 ranking and use the filters on the top left corner of our table to see which ones suit you perfectly.

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