HIV/AIDS Treatment story: Multiple outbreaks

Details of my condition:
I noticed the first wart in 2008 at the base of my shaft where the hair begins. I didn’t pay it much attention because I didn’t know what it was. I wish I had because early treatment could’ve probably saved me a lot of money and stress. Eventually one turned into over twenty all around the base of my penis. I battled these outbreaks with everything from Aldera and Imiquimod to cryo treatment and change in diet. Eventually the cryo worked, and I believe partially because I began eating healthier and exercising. However, I soon developed a small bump on the tip of my penis.

I have tried cryo, but this area is extremely sensitive and much more painful to treat. I plan on consulting a physician, but I think it is too close to the opening to use Aldera or Imiquimod.

Drugs I take & Dosages:
Aldera and Imiquimod as prescribed
Cryo therapy seemed to be the only thing that worked for me, but as I stated above I believe this could be the effects of a healthier diet and exercise. Ultimately anything you can do to boost your immune system should help.
Side effects:
Aldera and Imiquimod generally cause mild to moderate inflamation and sometimes sores. Cryo wasn’t unbearable at the base, but is very uncomfortable on this tip or head.
Other types of treatments:
Homeopathic and laser treatments.
Advice to other members:
Stay strong because your immune system responds to stress levels. A positive attitude, healthy diet, and exercise are your best friend. Seek a physicians opinion for any new outbreaks or outbreaks in new areas of your body. It’s scary, but eventually your immune system should be able to heal the body and rid the virus. Good luck!
By Anonymous, Greenville, South Carolina, United States

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