HIV treatment story: Long term and thriving despite some blips

Share my HIV treatment story here, hope it is useful for you.

Details of my condition:
I was diagnosed with HIV in July of 1985.
I went through a series of medications AZT, DDI, ddc, d4t through the early 1990s. Even when the protease inhibitors became available and the model was switching to combination therapies, this was managed badly by my then Dr. I got my new meds sequentially over several months. I have developed multiple drug resistance mutations in the virus. I was massively ill in the mid to late 90s. By 2001 I was well enough to work full time again.

Around 2009 I suffered a back injury that caused a lot of pain and depression. Stopped medicating for 2 years, it nearly killed me. I was riddled with KS.

Back on the medications for 3 years now my viral load is undetectable and cd4s have gone up from 10 to 140. I’m physically active and studying full time.
Drugs I take & Dosages:
Isentress 400mg 1 tablet twice per day
Eviplera 1 tablet once per day with food
Undetectable viral load
Side effects:
Reduced levels of Vitamin D
Other types of treatments:
Vitamin D supplement Calcium supplement
Advice to other members:
Don’t ignore your mental health if you’re living with a chronic condition.

More information:

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