HIV Transmission for Unprotected Sex with HIV

Telling a date you have HIV is no easy task. If you want to hide your partner when you have unprotected sex with him/her? How and why unprotected sex could lead to HIV transmission? Alcohol and power difference are most likely among the reasons. Also, knowing the STD status difference between you and your honey sweetie could also help building a better love nest.

How is HIV transmitted through unprotected sex?

HIV occurs through transfer of blood, pre-ejaculation, semen and vaginal fluids. The reason why sexual activity is a risk for transmission of HIV is that it allows for the exchange of body fluids like blood, semen and vaginal secretions between partners.

1. Vaginal Intercourse

The most common way of transmission of HIV in the world is unprotected vaginal intercourse. It has been revealed in a study that male-to-female HIV transmission during vaginal intercourse is notably more likely than female-to-male HIV transmission. That is to say, HIV-positive men transmit the virus to HIV-negative women through vaginal intercourse more than the HIV-positive women transmit the virus to HIV-negative men because of the larger surface area of mucosal tissues of women and lining of both the vagina and cervix are rich in immune system cells which can damage easily. HIV is transmitted in men occurs through the lining of urethra inside the tip of the penis or through a wound or cut on penis foreskin.

2. Anal Intercourse

There is a high risk of occurring HIV through anal intercourse. A receptive partner is at much higher risk for HIV during unprotected anal intercourse but each of two partners can get HIV infected. The reason for this is HIV virus mixed with semen is transmitted through direct contact with anal mucosal tissues. It has been demonstrated in a study that pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) can contain high amounts of HIV and can result in transmission during anal intercourse.

It is possible for an insertive partner to get HIV infected through a wound or cut on the penis or through the lining of the urethra inside the tip of the penis.

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