HIV Success Story: Ain’t love grand? We love to celebrate the success of our HIV dating success story.

Here is my HIV success story!
Thanks HPDS, Thanks PS!! WE are both so very much in love with each other and found that to be the case so quickly as well!! We corresponded off and on in the beginning as I was on another site as well and chatting to whom I thought may be a committed relationship for me – when that ended, I became disheartened at first, and then something told me to contact PS again and try to reconnect with him. I did just that – I re-winked at him – he winked back – and that was the beginning of our forever love story!I total – chat time would be about 3 weeks to a month every single day! Then we started skyping as well and when we could visually see each other, the magic happened immediately!

We met each other face to face at my apartment – he wanted me to be comfortable in my surroundings and this way my friends felt safer about this meeting as well!! I don’t have girlfriends – I have extra Mothers!! 🙂 and I love them for it – but they appreciated that I wasn’t having to go and meet him anywhere….. Our meet just took place this past long weekend…. He arrived on the Friday night and attended a family wedding with me that weekend! (What a trooper!!)

We are just beginning our journey together – talk of marriage is not at the forefront at this time – I do know that I love him more than I would think possible and he says the same of me…. we will just have to wait and see what happens…. I was married for 24 years, and he has been married twice before…… and we both say to each other that this love feels like what our first one should have been!!! So who knows, right?!

We will keep you posted! Thanks again PS!!!
Because of your website – my life has new direction and purpose! I felt so lost and certain of being alone for good – now I feel my heart being full again!!! More than ever before!!

Advice to other members:

I wish this joy and love to all of your clients!! Don’t give up and don’t shut down!! Your other half of your heart is out there in PS Land….. keep searching!!!

More Information:

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