Hiv positive treatment story: Back to back outbreaks for six months

You have hiv but your life does not be over. Let read a memebr’s hiv treatment story.

Details of my condition:
I contacted herpes 8 months ago from a single encounter. I used protection. I have just been through 6 months + of back to back O/B, with barely 2-3 days in between. I subsequently found out that the most likely cause for the high rate of O/B was the drug Lipitor, prescribed around the same time I contracted herpes. I have stopped taking Lipitor now for 4 weeks and have noticed a great improvement.
I have also noticed that I get tingling sensations on my face, around the nose & forhead. Sometime my eyes get irritated and I can see tiny pimple like lumps under my eyelids, which feel like I have something in the eye.
I also find the outbreaks trigger candida infections & jock itch.
Drugs I take & Dosages:
I was taking Valtrex every day, but I have just stopped recently to see what happend. Dosage varied 6 x 500mg per day for a while, then reduced to 2 x 500mg a day.
I find the valtrex works OK. I tried to endure an O/B without it, whereI had tiny pin holes that bleed, and splits in the tip of the old fella. Valtrex works for me
Side effects:
Other types of treatments:
Diet, Lycine
By BlueEyesAl, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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