Hiv positive dating story from Cmaha33

I had been on this site and two other sites by since April of 2006, without much luck. Between all three sites, I had gone on dates with only seven guys, none of whom I had chemistry with and/or were obvious players just looking for one thing; needless to say, I was getting extremely discouraged and was thinking about cancelling all my memberships.

However, on December 7, 2006, all that changed when I received a wink from Kasserman on Positive Singles. I loved his picture and even though he didn’t fit my profile perfectly, I sent him an e-mail back the next day, and we immediately hit it off, chatting by IM and e-mail. He said that he had seen me somewhere before but couldn’t place it; by his profile address and title, I already knew that we both worked at the same place! After about a week, we exchanged phone numbers and decided to set our first date for New Year’s Eve. Well, we were both so excited about meeting each other, we moved our date up to the 30th of December, and then to the 29th of December! I had to work that day, so I told him I would meet him at his place after work, so that I could change before we went out to dinner. Well, even though I was dressed in scrubs, when he opened his door, we were both instantly taken with each other!

To make a long story short, we have been connected at the hip ever since!!! For all you hopeful people out there looking for that “special” someone, don’t give up! Even though I had to talk to and kiss many “frogs” in the eight months it took me to find my “prince”, Kasserman had been on the site for only ONE DAY!!! (I was the first person he had sent a wink to, and the only person who had replied back to him—imagine that!) Also, for all you blog readers out there, despite the age difference (I am older by 10 years), despite the fact that I have an additional “gift”, despite the fact that we are different races, and despite the fact that I make more than he does, we couldn’t be happier! Thank you, Positive Singles, for helping us to become one of your “success stories”!

Thanks hiv dating sites reviews, thanks positive singles!!!