HIV inspirational story: It’s not a death sentence!

Many people, especially when newly diagnosed, find comfort in knowing that others have similar experiences. So we list the real inspirational story for all people living with HIV.

Everything was great and I was 12 weeks pregnant with baby no 4 with a new partner. With my ex husband we used condoms until we married 18 months later and had a check up for std’s first as when I was 17 an ex had cheated and given me chlamydia and that had scared me enough. I was called into the Drs so thought they were going to say that I was aneamic as usual but they dealt they blow that I had HIV! They did another test that was different and had to be sent off and waited 6 long days convinced they had made a mistake! I had never slept around, never done drugs (well the odd spliff doesn’t count in your teens right?). But was shocked to be told I was positive. I tried to finish with my ex as I was gonna die anyway. The Drs and midwives wanted me to have a termination but once I got help from the clinic they told me they had never had a child born positive with them whilst the mum was taking the methods! Proves the ignorance of the illness eh. My other kids had to be tested which was very scary indeed, I later discovered my ex hubby was bisexual and had been cheating on me whilst we were together. I don’t hate him as he didn’t give it to me on purpose and although he doesn’t know I have it as no one other than my ex of 15 years (I married and divorced young) he has to live with it too.
My child was born healthy and not positive! But it was a very scary time. I only started methods the end of last yr and not because my counts were low because advice on treatment has changed so I went from 2003 although left my hubby in 2001 and started meds end of 2016. I was scared of side effects as the ones I took in pregnancy made me very sick but I have not had one symptom from them. I just take two pills at night it’s that simple and my cd4 is high and viral load undetectable.
No one knows and that’s the hardest thing being scared that someone is gonna find out! My long term ex never got tested but has slept with at least 6 since me, I hope he hasn’t infected them.
Advice to other members:
Don’t think you’re gonna die like I did cause you’re not. My gum DR says it’s like living with diabetes these days and you just treat it and change methods as needed and most people have an average life span now. So many people have a stigma about it even Drs and nurses. I’ve been treated appallingly at times but it’s their ignorance. I just couldn’t date a neg person as couldn’t face telling anyone hence joining here! Keep up with methods, checks, etc and you will be OK. I’m 14 years down from diagnosis and I’m fine.

By anonymous, Norwich, England – Norfolk, United Kingdom|HIV|May 21, 2017

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