Hiv Dating Success story from sunshine27

I had joined the site from due to being infected with herpes in 2005 and not wanting to have to go through the horror of infecting someone that didn’t have the virus. I had not been informed prior to being intimate with a man I was dating and would feel it irresponsible to not inform a potential partner. Being on PosSing allows that one barrier to be removed. I joined the site for dating purposes though came to enjoy the blogs and interaction that provided support and encouragement.
I saw MachPM on August 1, 2006. I sent him a wink. He was in Iraq at the time, serving in the Army and did not respond until August 8, 2006. We came to be consistent ‘pen pals’ and instant messaging through AIM sharing things with each other that hadn’t been shared before and we developed a close friendship. I feel sure that having that space apart allowed us to be open and reveal more. I learned more about myself and had so much awareness and positive change in how I looked at life. It was just a good, supportive, and open friendship. Pat, his real name and I kept in consistent contact and soon expressed a deeper fondness for each other. I felt very blessed and thankful to have been introduced to him through the PosSing site. I came across a warm, genuine, Christian, man of integrity.

We began talking of meeting and if our future would cross paths. We decided it would be better to remain ‘just friends’ due to stress and transitional time Pat needed to get back into daily living here in the States. Pat is a great soldier and deserves recognition for his service time.

Pat came home in May 2007 and then was stationed in Atlanta, Ga for one year in a Reserve Unit. We made time to meet in person (I was in Jacksonville, FL) before he had to report. We realized that our letters through email did reveal a real person that was reflected genuinely and honestly. That time of meeting opened up a new depth of friendship and we decided to begin a relationship a few months later. While Pat was in Atlanta, GA we would travel the short five to six hours(depending on who was driving) to spend time with each other. Our families heard so much talk about the ‘other’ we made time in March of this year for them to meet the ‘other’. We knew we were headed towards a life together and decided to be married this August 2008 in Florida. Pat is almost out of the Army and working a civilian job.

I believe that the emails through Pos Sing and instant messaging allowed us to be able to get to know each other that dating in person can hurry. Pat treated me respectfully and was never vulgar or rude which was a great indicator of integrity, respect, and genuineness of wanting to know me as a person…the relationship and love is a cherished bonus.

Kathy Bazin

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