HIV dating sites replace usual clubs and groups and become positive singles’ new life space

Thanks to online HIV dating sites, dating with HIV has become much easier and less humiliating than in previous years. Most importantly, HIV positive singles do not have to take their chances in clubs and other such places, online HIV dating sites replace them to be the first choice.

Online HIV dating in the ‘Real World’

Of course, online dating in specific HIV dating sites is not the only option, nor should it be considered so. With certain strategies and an ability to read people, an HIV positive person can still enjoy the more ‘traditional’ dating scene. It is important to note, however, that care must be taken.

The great thing about online dating, especially in ‘themed’ sites that cater to HIV singles, is that the disclosure question is off the table. When the disclosure question is off the table, people you won’t be consumed by your condition – and neither will anyone else. The other great thing is that you can be discreet if you like, and only send photos to members with whom you have built a trust rather than in your general profile.

Now, not all HIV dating sites are created equal, and in fact many of them are rather depressing. The key is to find one or two that are really popular, with members who are actually active. The easiest  site in this area is  as it has been around for years and promotes itself really well to avoid that ‘ghost town’ feel. They also allow you to create a free profile so you can go in and search for matches before having to pay anything for a membership.

I hope this helps, and keep the faith.