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Charlie Sheen once again made headlines as a curious audience watched in shock as Hollywood’s notorious bad boy announced that he was HIV positive on live television.

Normally, when you see a beautiful woman (or man depending on your preference) you can envision all kinds of carnal thoughts. When you see a sexy individual flaunting their goods, fantasies erupt. When you see a hot celebrity showing off their body, those thoughts go ten-fold. There is something special about imagining yourself mounting (or being mounted by) a beautiful celebrity. And when you delve deep into your thoughts, when you imagine yourself with that perfect 10, never does the idea that you could be contracting a STD come creeping into your mind.

We look at pictures of beautiful celebrities, their perfect airbrushed bodies, and never do we think about genital herpes. Disgusting bumpy sores spread like landmines throughout their pubic region isn’t exactly what anyone wants to envision when staring at a perfectly seductive body. Although that is always a possibility with someone you don’t really know, it is not the first thought when we stare at scantily-dressed beauties posing in bikinis and lingerie. But it is a fact of life that some celebrities have STD’s. STD’s come in all kinds of forms and it can be devastating when you are with a partner who doesn’t inform you they have an STD (See Charlie Sheen as “The Current Rule”).

So now, we break the terrible news of 10 Hot Celebrities You Don’t Want To Dating With. ( HIV dating sites )

Jessica Alba – Herpes

It can be crushing to learn that a beauty of the stature of Jessica Alba could be inflicted with some sort of STD. Alba reportedly has the gift of herpes. She supposedly got the STD from ex-boyfriend Derek Jeter (this will not be the first or last Jeter sighting on this list). That’s right, The Captain supposedly gave her the gift that keeps on giving. The news comes via one of Alba’s former assistants who was regularly spotted at the pharmacy refilling her prescription for Valtrex. Valtrex is the medicine that no celebrity wants to be spotted with but is taken as often as Xanex in celebrity circles. Valtrex helps treat herpes and their outbreaks.

Paris Hilton – Herpes

With drinking and cocaine under her belt, it’s clear Paris Hilton is a party girl. And when you have all the money in the world and you party like her, something bad is bound to happen. This story is the equivalent of a celebrity sting. Apparently, Hilton used to have a storage locker. She hadn’t visited the locker in a while when two people “bought” the locker and its contents. It was opened up and a prescription bottle of Valtrex was tallied amongst the locker’s contents. Team Haniss then tried to sell the contents on the website. Of course, Hilton sued and stated that she was “appalled to learn that people are exploiting me and my sister’s private personal belongings for commercial gain.” The defendants claimed they paid $2,775 for the contents of the locker. The end result of the story is that Hilton reportedly has got the herp. No surprise there.

Scarlett Johansson – Herpes

In a terrible twist of fate, Scarlett Johansson is also reportedly inflicted with herpes. Jessica Alba had dated Derek Jeter during the summer of 2004. Later that year, the New York Yankees short stop moved on to super A-list hottie, Scarlett Johansson. Jeter gave Johansson the holiday genital gift that will always keep on giving. No bueno, Derek! Johansson’s herpes are supposedly well under control, but her issues could have been avoided had Jessica Alba just picked up the phone and gave a girlfriend a call. With all that said, just hearing that Scarlett Johansson has been corrupted in any way whatsoever is a terribly sad event for all of humanity to endure. This is just crushing news for all.

Britney Spears – Herpes

It can’t be a surprise that Britney made this list. Anyone who has ever been to Vegas and ended up “accidentally” getting married, and then had that marriage annulled, clearly is out of control. In addition to that, Spears has been pictured numerous times entering public bathrooms barefoot. So hygiene may not be a priority for Spears (or child safety for that matter). Spears was caught heading into a drug store buying Zovirax, another well-known herpes medication. Of course, if she had an assistant do it on her behalf, then maybe she could have gotten away with it. But alas, Spears, in her infinite wisdom, had to get the meds herself for her reported genital issues. Hit me baby one more time? I’ll pass.

Jessica Biel – Herpes

The sexual terrorist by the name of Derek Jeter has struck again! (Seriously, it’s like a Jeter-demic! BeforeJustin Timberlake, Biel was a hottie on the prowl. She fell for the stud in pinstripes and thousands of male fantasies got flushed down the toilet. Despite ruining one Jessica for us (in Alba), Jeet strikes again with Jessica Biel. You would figure at some point these A-listers would talk to one another and share some inside info. It’s a sad day for many of us to learn of the herpes epidemic racing through Jeter’s women. Men around the world don’t have to worry about Biel while she is married to JT, but still, it’s a sad state of affairs. We liked Jessica quite a bit.

Pamela Anderson – Hepatitis-C and Herpes

This is a well-known story but doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking. If you look at some of the great bikini shots ofPamela Anderson (or even Playboy for that matter), you are envisioning something very different than reality. Ex-husbandTommy Lee was the man who married Anderson with his STD drama. He reportedly passed on the very serious hepatitis-C while sharing tattoo needles with her. Anderson had this to say about the issue to People Magazine: “Sixteen years ago that was [presented to me] as a death sentence. I think it really worked on my self-esteem. Even though I may have looked confident on the outside, I think it really was a dark cloud that lingered over me.” In addition to hep-C, it is rumored that Anderson also has herpes (shocker). Either way, never fun to see beautiful women with issues “down there.”

Mariah Carey – Herpes

Another Jeterite. Long before Mariah Carey was with Nick Cannon, she was out on the town and tearing up the music charts. Mariah was on fire for a great deal of time. She spent the 1990s and early 2000s dominating the music charts. During her reign of success, Mariah, like every beautiful woman walking the face of the earth, reportedly slept with Derek Jeter. To say DJ gets around would be a massive understatement. And his trail of success is quite impressive. The only thing as equally impressive as the sheer number of beautiful women Derek Jeter has slept with is the trail of STD’s he has left behind. Mariah is a massive diva and this probably is not one of the facts that she will include in her memoirs.

Alyssa Milano – Herpes

Alyssa Milano slides in on the list. The medically-enhanced Milano made quite a comeback on television in the show Charmed. The child star isn’t exactly a “hot” star at the moment. She makes occasional film and TV appearances, but she clearly is past her prime. Rumors also have Milano contracting her genital herpes from Derek Jeter, although she has made the rounds. Milano is no stranger to dating baseball players. Brad Penny, Barry Zito, Carl Pavano and Tom Glavine comprise a long list of athletes Milano has slept with. In 2007, she was so annoyed with the attention it got (and the herpes she caught) that she denounced dating baseball players for all time.

Kristanna Loken – Herpes

This is a very sad fact indeed. Loken is a bonafide hottie. She was a hot fashion model before turning to acting. Kristanna Loken is a bisexual fox who appeared in Terminator 3. The actress married her former co-star Noah Danby in 2008. She didn’t reportedly have the herp prior to her relationship with Danby. After her divorce she started dating a woman. Soon after she reportedly contracted herpes. Was it Danby or the random female encounters Loken partook in? There isn’t evidence as to who exactly gave Loken the herpes virus, but this beauty has been marked by it and she will have to find a way to coexist. Unfortunately for her, there is no way to terminate the herp.

Lindsay Lohan – Herpes (at minimum)

Well, this isn’t very shocking. Lindsay Lohan is a party girl to the extreme. And this former Disney star also allegedly contracted herpes to go along with her partying ways. From cocaine to alcohol abuse, Lohan has admittedly been wasted off her ass so often, she tanked her sure-fire A-list career. The news came from one of Lindsay’s ex-boyfriends who said he was given the gift that never stops giving by the red-headed bad girl. Of course, Lindsay, during her cocaine and alcohol haze, suddenly turned bisexual and began partaking in the female species. There is no word whether it was one of the many male stars that visited her trailer on set, the night-time flings, or the women that popped up in her life, as to where exactly her herpes came from. Odds on, Lindsay doesn’t even know. And one thing is for certain, it ain’t leaving anytime soon.