Herpes treatment for living with herpes (year 1)

Details of my condition:
I was diagnosed with HSV-1 (g) last year and have been living with it for about a year. My ex girlfriend didn’t know she had it and passed it onto me. It’s annoying to have ob’s every so often, especially when you are trying to date someone new. The harsh reality of approaching the subject with them always crosses my mind. I guess I fear rejection? The pain of an OB is mostly emotional and not so much physical. As the OBs come around they are much less severe than what they were initially; swollen lymph nodes, itching, lots of sores, etc… Now it is very localized and doesn’t last as long. Still a nuisance.
Drugs I take & Dosages:
L-Lysine (sign of outbreak: 3g daily, no outbreak: 1-2g daily), Zinc (50mg daily)
OB every 2-4 months (1st Year)
Side effects:
None to list besides needing lots of liquid and cream because it dries out the body.
Other types of treatments:
None to list besides a healthy lifestyle. Valtrex gives me headaches.
Advice to other members:
Try the natural route and see if it helps.
By Anonymous, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada |Herpes

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