hat women need to reveal about themselves as well as what some men expect

One of the first rules in hiv positive dating ? In Today’s Hectic Society should be? There are no rules!?

If one is expected to find someone that is truly right for them, then they also should be open minded when it comes to meeting someone for the first time. From a woman’s prospective, the market today of eligible men is vast, but the quality of men is some what lacking in what many men want, in as far as, “What a women needs to reveal about themselves as well as what some men expect.”

Being alone for many women is a very hard state of being. Because many women have not learned or trained themselves in how to enjoy their own life as a single person. There are many men who take advantage of this fact. In someone who can be seen as having it all, there is a type of hidden bond between men who want too much from women and many of the women that seem so perfect to the man that has it all. In some ways it is not really that good for a man to expect a women to financially support him.

At the same time, a man of means may not see this as an option in the lady they select to share their life with, but this same man may have male peer relationships with other men who might fit in the category of Gold Grabbers. This in turn becomes advice, opinions as well as what is socially accepted, if a man of means meets some one they like. Most men who have been successful at finding women to support them, can most times find another lady much easier then a women might could find a man to take care of her.

Often real independent women set higher standards of who, where and when they will spend time with the prospective men in their life. This too makes meeting someone who is more interested in forming something real then forming new credit accounts based on the ladies ability to do just that harder to achieve.

It would be the best advice to a man who money is not really the issue in the process of selecting a soul mate, that if and when he meets some one he is interested in. He should see it through to have a real reason why he might not like her. Following preset notions of ones own peer group, who may have more motive then ever could be believed should be something frowned upon.

If she seems nice and has no red flags as far as her health, occupation, morals and personality. Men should not be activated by key words to cut a friendship off based on what might be the opinion or rules of others. It is in all probability that men reading this have time and time again missed that someone special, who could have brought great happiness into their life by not following their heart in how the felt about someone and not how other people feel.

By sayme15, New York, United States

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