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I met ‘J’ after a brief period of communication via email, ~3-4 weeks. We met at the zoo, and I actually was rear-ended on the way there – I took this as an indicator that things might not go well. However, after ~6 months of getting together for hikes, movies, and dinners, it appeared that there was some chemistry and many joint interests. I finally got the courage to invite ‘J’ over for dinner and a movie ~6-7 months after we had initially met. From that point on, we began seeing each other on a more regular basis and then it evolved into his spending weekends here, and driving home to Mesa (~20 mi) during the week. We talked about living together – he sold his house ~ 2 yrs after we met, and we have been living together now for approximately 2 years. There has been a longstanding discussion about marriage, but I have been at an impasse. However the walls are slowly crumbling and I anticipate that marriage may occur down the road.

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