For hiv/herpes, the More Knowledge The Better!

I’ve had herpes for 3 years now and I’ve just learned to accept it and live with it and it was hard and it does hurt. I remember my gyno telling me in time I wouldn’t feel so bad that over time I will realize that there is more people out there that have it then you think and she was right and I am thankful I found this hiv positive dating website I don’t feel like I have a cloud over my head every time I talk to someone.

And I am very honest about it because the person that gave it to me wasn’t I’ve also told quite the few people I’ve had it and the uneducated people are the ones who can’t handle it. I look at it like this there is far worse stuff out there I can have besides this. It’s the cross I have to bear I just kick it up with my feet and don’t let it drag 🙂

Advice to other members:

Read blogs and educate yourself, the more you read about other peoples story’s you’ll start feeling better

By awantrose28, Trout Run, PA, United States