For hiv positive singles: Life goes on… and it gets better

Some ideas for hiv positive dating singles:

Details of my condition:

I originally submitted this anonymously, but decided it’s part of my situation and wanted to share it with my profile..

More than 27 years ago I contracted herpes from a girl I met once in San Diego. Either she didn’t know or she didn’t tell me, but within a week or two I had an outbreak.

The doctor took one look and told me right there in his office that I had herpes. I wanted to die. Really. Despite using the creams and pills available at that time, I had outbreaks fairly regularly for a number of years. The outbreaks have gradually diminished in frequency and intensity over the years.

Some years later I married a wonderful woman who understood the risks. I paid very close attention to any signs of an impending outbreak and we either didn’t have sex or used a condom if I had ANY doubt whatsoever. (See note below about asymptotic shedding and the risk of infection without symptoms).

I don’t know if my ex-wife ever contracted herpes from me but we were tog… Read Full Story
Drugs I take & Dosages:
I have taken 500 mg Valtrex every day for many years, and I take 1000 mg the instant I sense anything related to an impending outbreak.
I have not had an outbreak, and very rarely feel a precursor symptom(you know, that twinge or nerve that sounds off), in many years.
Side effects:
None (that I am aware of) but I get my liver tested (along with all the other regular blood work) every time I need a new prescription and everything checks out okay. But I understand the liver has extra work to do when you take Valtrex prophylactically.
Other types of treatments:
Valtrex works for me, but getting enough rest, keeping stress low, exercising, and multivitamins are part of the reason I haven’t had an outbreak in years. I also take fish oil, vitamin D.
Advice to other members:
Asymptotic shedding is when the virus is shed from your skin and can infect your partner WITHOUT having any symptoms at all. Please don’t take what I wrote above out unprotected sex with my ex as advocating unprotected sex in the absence of symptoms. It was an informed choice we made, both aware of the risks of asymptotic shedding.