Don’t ever give up, life can be better!

As a small child of 12, who grew up in New York City and was raped by a so called family friend who warned me not to say anything or my mother would be killed. I thought nothing could be worse than that.

Growing up as a man with memories of being raped and not being able to scream for help, was I thought the most horrible thing in the world. then I go out and have a divorce pending relationship where I received the herpes virus and passed it on to my wife, who never forgave me.

Having herpes and losing my wife and two kids destroyed me. Rape was nothing compared to being called a monster, an outcast being laughed at by family members. On PC I have been received by members with understanding and out most kindness. I have not met my life partner yet, but I think I soon will, but today I can live and smile again thanks to Positive Singles, thanks to Thank you.

Advice to other members:

Don’t ever give up, life can be better.
Look at me.

By Pancho1975, Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States