Do You Suffer With These HIV Positive Dating Troubles?

Many HIV /Aids Positive Singles find the whole process of HIV positive dating so difficult to contemplate that they end up leading a lonely life rather than trying to date others. Their HIV status makes them feel less appealing than those who are HIV negative and those who do not have HIV. So rather, than try and beat their emotions they allow them to dictate their single lives.

These people are not taking into account the whole picture. HIV like any other condition or disability is only a part of what makes you a person. There is so much that goes into making someone the type of person they are. Hence, it is really important to see that your HIV is only part of you and therefore you should never allow it to rob you of either your self-esteem or your dreams. There is no need to live a solitary life if this is not what you desire. Life is for living and is too brief to sit and wish it were different. Many people are successfully HIV positive dating and all it takes to join them is the willingness to get out there and look for a potential partner.

Really accepting love into your life can be a hard thing to do. Being part of a twosome takes hard work and self-sacrifice from both parties for the relationship to stand the test of time. Nevertheless, for individuals willing to do this the reward more than justifies the work involved. There are a lot of books and advice out there trying to help you find love. The most important key to finding love is just to be you – no pretending or lying, just be yourself.

So take your own personality and go out and find that special person for you, they are out there you just need to look. Then when you are ready for a physical relationship make certain that your partner knows about your HIV status before you find yourselves in the bedroom. Do not allow yourself any feelings of guilt or worry about infecting them, just make certain you practice safe sex and then enjoy yourself.

A lot of people tend to feel embarrassed or ashamed by their HIV. This can deter them from going out and doing any HIV positive dating. Obviously this leads to them isolating themselves from others and eventually leads to a depressive state. If you find yourself in this sort of situation, then go and seek some HIV support. Talking to others about your feelings will help you to understand yourself better and before long you will find yourself with the courage and disposition to begin HIV positive dating.

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