Dating with HIV: Success and Rejection are In Parallel

For those people dating with HIV / AIDS, they know just how difficult dating can be, especially at new and early relationship. If She/he accepts you, you will feel excited and optimistic, otherwise it will become overshadowed by the possibility of rejection.

Being rejected because you have been an idiot or because you did or said something unforgivable is one thing. You have the control to make it right, if being dumped because of your religion or your health (HIV/Herpes, etc)  is something different over which you have no control. And it is this type of rejection which can wound immeasurably.

For this very reason it is imperative to remember that unfortunately not everyone is understanding and tolerant. People fear what they do not understand. Obviously this does not make rejection when dating with HIV any less agonizing, but it does show you something that you may have taken months even years to find out if you were not HIV positive. This person was not the one for you!

When you have genuine feelings for someone, the package they bring with them does not matter. Yes it may be an obstacle but love will conquer all and together you find your way. This has been shown countless times in mixed marriages and for those with disabilities etc. and it has also shown true for those with AIDS and HIV.

Anyone who has been hurt tries to protect themselves from future pain. Shutting yourself away and remaining single seems easier than the pain of rejection whilst dating with HIV. However this is not the answer.

When HIV positive dating any rational individual when told that their potential partner had AIDS or HIV would be shocked and want to know more. They would expect to be told the risks and consequences. Emotions would be high, but not to the extent of walking out on the relationship solely for this reason. If they found you fun and alluring before the announcement they will still find you so afterwards.

Being honest and upfront will go a long way in your favour. Talk about the management of your condition and show them that it is not a problem for you and safe sex should always be practised anyway. Remember people fear what they do not understand. Help them to understand.

Remember who you are. You are a loving and caring person. Remember your rights. You have the right to be loved. You must never allow your condition to make you think otherwise. Dating with HIV is not the end of the world. People are doing it successfully all the time. So ensure that the person you pick is the right one, people should feel honoured to have you as a friend.

Other people’s actions cannot be controlled. Rejection cannot be controlled. Your reaction to rejection can and must be controlled. Use your AIDS or HIV condition to find out just what sort of person you are dating. Dating with HIV or AIDS means you have a quick way of gaining insight into your potential partner’s inner behavior.

Only you can control your dating , other people can not control it, so you just need explaining your situation to your partner, if She/he accepts this, your dating goes on, if not, you also keep the next dating, that’s all.