How to Find HIV Positive Singles in Australia?

If you are suffering from HIV/AIDS, then traditional dating becomes a troubling issue as you do not want to spread the condition to others. In addition, many who have HIV do not want others to know about their condition, so going out on the dating scene is a non-starter. However, HIV dating Australia residents is possible between those who have the virus which means that it cannot be spread. For many people who have HIV, the idea of dating again may not seem possible or at least practical considering the ramifications. But there is hope if you knowRead more »

3 Things You Should Know About Using a HIV Dating Site

1. Make full use of the standard membership option. Some people are sensitive about the price of HIV dating sites, especially if they’re new to using this kind of website. If you want to find your match without paying, you have a couple of options. Try free HIV dating sites. Use the unpaid standard membership option at HIV dating sites that have a paid subscription option. If you’re new to online dating and don’t have much to spend, free HIV dating sites could be a good option for you. However, they have both pros and cons.Read more »

How to tell your partner you have HIV?

Dating is a simple thing, but if you are suffering from HIV, dating will change to be more difficult. If you have HIV, how to tell your partner this situation? HIV can remain dormant in the body for many years. This means when you are healthy, and your lifestyle is free from habits such as excessive drinking, smoking or using drugs, you will not experience a breakout of warts. Talking to your partner about HIV Before you make a move to tell your partner that you have tested positive for HIV, please be sure that you understandRead more »

Safety HIV / AIDS Dating Tips You Should Know

More and more people are suffering from HIV / AIDS, that is why HIV /AIDS dating sites are so popular in recent years. On the AIDS dating sites, you will find people who have been infected with HIV. The conventional dating for such people may be a difficult task, but this does not mean that they cannot find love. Here we list some useful and safety dating tips of HIV / AIDS dating. Be Honest With Yourself The very first step is to accept your status and purpose to move on. You should analyze yourself soRead more »

Useful Dating Tips for HIV Gay Dating

What happens if you are HIV+ and looking for love? I get letters frequently from single men with HIV who voice difficulties with the gay dating scene trying to find people to date. Dating can be hard enough at times, but for those with health issues or disabilities, the problems can be compounded and the sense of hopelessness and uncertainty doubled as these men question whether love is even possible for them in a gay culture that seems fixated on shallow definitions of what makes a man attractive and “viable.” ( Gay HIV Dating )Read more »

HIV inspirational story: It’s not a death sentence!

Many people, especially when newly diagnosed, find comfort in knowing that others have similar experiences. So we list the real inspirational story for all people living with HIV. Everything was great and I was 12 weeks pregnant with baby no 4 with a new partner. With my ex husband we used condoms until we married 18 months later and had a check up for std’s first as when I was 17 an ex had cheated and given me chlamydia and that had scared me enough. I was called into the Drs so thought they were goingRead more »

Some Common Attitude towards HIV / AIDS for Positive Singles

1. HIV does not define you The first feeling a person has on receiving a positive HIV test result is that of fright, dread and shame. We are scared of what other people are going to think about us or if they are going to judge us or show aversion or hostility towards us. But we need to understand that living with HIV doesn’t alter who we are, it is nothing to be ashamed of because we have not anything wrong; it is our life and our body, and we are in-charge of how weRead more »

3 steps to choose the right and suitable HIV dating app

Suffering from HIV is a desperate thing, we are afraid to tell family and friends, we become sensitive and vulnerable. Fortunately, as the technology developed so did the mind of people and a ton of dating apps came out on to the free market. The app dating world is still challenging for HIV singles as they have to find a place where they wont be discriminated and judged. That is why there are HIV dating apps which are exclusive to people affected by the HIV and help them find their significant other. These are 3 steps forRead more »

Can I date someone when I’m infected with HIV?

How to go on your life when you are diagnosing with HIV? HIV is not only very scary for a lot of people that carry the affliction, but it can be especially scary for those that want to live a normal dating life. Unfortunately, there is so much ignorance surrounding the disease but just because you’re someone with HIV doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life with a partner. One of the most satisfying ways to live your life is by sharing it with someone else, and if you’re interested in dating and meeting someone special, you can finallyRead more »

Some tips for dating someone with HIV / AIDS

Dating someone with HIV / AIDS might sound daunting. However, if you are determined to make things work between you and your partner, there is a way. Rather than feeling sorry and worrying all the time, you need to educate yourself. Learn what you need to do and how to do that. How to do this? gives you some tips. HIV Dating: Survival Guide First of all, you need to be tested for HIV too. There is a possibility that you have the virus. Most people are not aware of that. So the first thing is toRead more »