Choose a RIGHT time to tell your partner you have HIV-positive

Being HIV positive is a sad thing and privacy, you will not tell anyone about your HIV-positive status until you have to engage in behavior that could put someone at risk (such as sex with HIV). There’s no one way that works for everyone.
So, if you wanna tell others about your HIV status, when should you tell your date? Some women like to come out casually between dinner and dessert, while others mark it as a serious conversation to be had after the first date but before things get serious. What is important to remember is that you are not alone: You are one of the nearly 1.2 million Americans living with HIV, according to the latest data available from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yes, you have a disability, but living with HIV is like living with any other chronic disease. While you can’t transmit diabetes or fibromyalgia to a sexual partner, there are incredibly effective ways to ensure that potential partners are never at risk of contracting HIV from you, including treatment as prevention and proper condom use. Just remember, there’s no shame in having HIV and being honest with a prospective date about it. If he or she balks, that’s just not the right person for you.
Dating is a happy thing for usual people, but for people with HIV-positive, Dating means risk, dating means sick, dating means no privacy. HIV positive dating is not just dinner and wine, you should keep the health for each other.
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