Being HIV-Positive, is your HIV treatment valid?

Heard that there has be developed in addition to the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS drugs, but it has nothing to do with me. Because I am HIV-Positive now.

Details of my condition:
In September 2014, I was getting headache for three to four days I normally got headaches, but not like this knew it was serious.Three days later, he was diagnosed with HIV it felt like I had a outer body experience. I went for a rapid test in the clinic attached to the hospital and never expected the answer to be that I was positive. I fell to the floor, cried like I was in a soap opera, and asked: “who’s going to raise my children?” The tester was so amazing, so helpful in talking me down from this reaction, telling me he’d known people living with HIV for 25+ years. I latched on to those words like a life vest those first few months. I was paralysed with fear and couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone this no one only God and I know. Who could I have gotten this from? I was in a monogamous relationship at least I though I was prior to the relationship I was in I had 3 healthy children! I still think my man got it from sleeping with other women and I had to let him go but I wasn’t going to tell him anything because he was already cheating on me.
Anyway, I immediately started seeing the docs, and since my CD4 was in the “grey area” they put me on meds and in a month I was non detectable. I used to feel like if I saw a drop of my blood that it was disgusting, dangerous to my kids and tainted. Since being on meds, I don’t feel that way anymore. I know I need to take precautions, but I don’t feel TAINTED, and that’s huge for me. I haven’t disclosed to anyone except my pastor, a good friend and God knows and i will keep it like that. I go to my doctor and make sure my status is non detectable and live my life It’s getting easier as time passes, as I can explain that I’m okay and doing well on meds. My relationship with the guy who infected me is non void I pray God blesses me with my man who genuine love me for me
my kids. I’m healthy and I’m blessed!
– Thank God!
Drugs I take & Dosages:
1 pill a day and nothing else.
I’m not going to talk about it to anyone because I’m not ready yet.
Side effects:

Here is my story, please show your treatment if you feel useful.