Are the symptoms of HIV-positive difference for males and females?

I have an itching feeling, and my male partner doesn’t have any symptoms of hiv for years.

The symptoms of HIV-positive are the same for males and females. However, a female is slightly more likely than a male to catch HIV-positive. An itching feeling could indicate that herpes is on the surface of the skin. When HIV-positive is on the surface of the skin the virus is more likely to spread. HIV-positive could also cause red dots, cold sore that contains fluid, rashes, bumps or lumps. It’s possible to get other possible symptoms.

It’s possible your partner (male) has HIV-positive. In many cases the human body weakens the virus. Therefore herpes could go into a sleeping state. The virus hides in the central nervous system. If your partner had HIV-positive outbreaks in the past then he still carries the virus. If he never had an outbreak the virus is much less likely to spread.

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