Are HIV Positive Singles Being Polarized Even Further?

Let’s face it finding love for a regular Joe is hard enough but when the HIV word is thrown into the mix it opens up a whole new world of fear and rejection. The law is very much on the side of HIV negative people and with the obligation firmly with the HIV positive person to disclose their HIV positive status to any potential sexual partner, well sometimes it’s just not that easy.

Getting caught up in the moment is one thing but that one time could change things forever as it did recently for a man from Texas who was jailed in Aug 2010 for 15 years and was fined a further $3000 for not disclosing his HIV status to another guy whom he met on a gay hookup site just for sex. Apart from the fact that he did not pass HIV to the other party made no difference whatsoever. The obligation is there and if you are HIV positive then you must protect yourself as the law is waiting to pounce on you if you do not.

So what are the options available with HIV criminal prosecutions abound? As the governments seem intent on pursuing criminal prosecutions against HIV crimes it would seem the next logical step for any HIV positive person to take would be to contact and integrate into the world of other HIV positive people only, saves any risk right? But is this not polarizing HIV positive people even further? It’s beginning to look like it is. Apart from the fact that HIV has not been the mass killer that it was first envisaged to be it seems to matter not to the powers above us who want to punish those cursed with the dreaded HIV and wish to categorize and stigmatize them further.

There are many centers and support groups now all over the world but particularly in the western world so getting support is not really an issue if you really want it. However the kind of mental and loving support that a partner can provide is something no support center can ever equal. Loosing the will to find a partner after being diagnosed is a very real thing but giving up all together should never be an option because our society has deemed HIV positive people to be unclean by not disclosing their status.

What does this really mean long term though? The law is changing fast and make no mistake the law is also very clear on what it will do to offenders who break it. Stopping the spread of any disease or any virus is certainly a worthy cause but are our governments being totally honest with us? I fear not if 2009 swine flu forecast figures where anything to go by.

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