4 Things You Should not Do In a HIV Dating Relationship

HIV dating is not the same as usual dating, people with HIV must consider the HIV situation when they decide to join a dating relationship. Considering yourself, considering other people whether accept you are living HIV. All in all, dating with HIV is not an easy task. As a matter of fact, it is quite tricky as you’d not only have to deal with them on the health front but also emotionally, given the stigma attached with HIV.

According to the report from HIVpositivedatingsites.net, you should not do the following 4 things when you are in HIV dating relationship.

  • Discriminate against people living with HIV in negative light

Any people do not want to get HIV / AIDS, If your partner is already going through a rough patch in life, so you shouldn’t do anything to make things tougher. Any statement or comment about an STD shown in negative light would give an impression that you aren’t considerate about his condition and look down upon people affected with sexually transmitted infections.

  • Unsafe sex

Unsafe sex is the most common reason for people who are living with herpes. In fact, intimacy in any form, oral, vaginal or anal would boost your chances of contracting the STD. This is exactly why people with STDs are advised to date another individual affected with the same virus. 

  • Spread salt on the wound

A lot of people leave their partners / spouse on finding out about their HIV diagnosis. How would you feel when a person leaves you high and dry, especially when you need him most? The stigma attached with an STD like HIV makes people vulnerable to negative thoughts. It is also worth mentioning that a lot of people living with HIV develop suicidal tendency over a period of time. 

  • Blindly condemn him/her for giving you the infection

Most people are unaware of being infected with an STD. It is due to sheer ignorance that they end up spreading the infection. Expect for some extreme cases, no person would want to be blamed to gifting an STD. In case your partner has given the infection to you, understand the gravity of the situation and seek immediate medical assistance. If you’re partner has been recently diagnosed with HIV, it is likely he might have given it to you. HIV has a fairly long gestation period so it wouldn’t be right to blame your partner for being involved with another partner in the recent times. 

Whatever, HIV dating needs two common efforts and prevention. If you are already suffering from HIV / AIDS, maintain a positive mood, and to influence and encourage others,  that is an important factor in HIV dating .