3 Things You Should Know About Using a HIV Dating Site

1. Make full use of the standard membership option.

Some people are sensitive about the price of HIV dating sites, especially if they’re new to using this kind of website. If you want to find your match without paying, you have a couple of options.

  • Try free HIV dating sites.
  • Use the unpaid standard membership option at HIV dating sites that have a paid subscription option.

If you’re new to online dating and don’t have much to spend, free HIV dating sites could be a good option for you. However, they have both pros and cons. We have an article here that goes into detail about it. When you start understanding the drawbacks of free HIV dating sites, you’ll start to see why they can be a waste of time and effort. There’s no way around it: you’re almost always better off paying for a membership.

What we’re focusing on right now aren’t the sites that are completely free to use. We’re talking about the free trial memberships that many paid HIV dating sites have. These generally let you communicate with other standard members and gold members, and you can send out “winks” to let people know you’re interested.

You’ll also be able to write blogs, comment on other members’ blogs, leave photo comments, and like people’s profiles. Standard members can receive emails and chat messages from paid members, although you may not be able to send them a message yourself.

Some HIV dating sites have ways that you can earn free paid membership. You can often do this by reporting suspicious profiles, writing a dating advice article, or making quality suggestions to the website’s support email.

2. Paid sites have the highest success ratio for finding love.

Paid sites attract people who are more serious about using them, and that means you’re more likely to find a match. They also tend to have higher quality profiles and more activity. This is true for HIV dating sites, as well as other types of dating platforms.

There are a couple of reasons why you’ll have better luck on a paid site:

    • There’s a larger dating pool with higher quality profiles. The paid HIV dating sites are larger and better known, so they have a larger pool of members. HIV dating sites are already a pretty small niche, so small free sites don’t get a lot of new profiles very often. This is partly because they don’t have much budget to market themselves. When new members join, they see that there aren’t many profiles, so they end up leaving. The lack of online safety measures also drives away new users.
  • Paid sites have more communication tools. Bigger HIV dating sites give you several different ways to communicate with other members. There are usually open online chat rooms, one-on-one private chats, forums, blogs, and direct messages. This gives you a bunch of different ways to break the ice. Free sites usually just have an email option, which can leave the members feeling bored and unimpressed. Some small or medium sized HIV dating sites have forums, blogs, and other ways to communicate, but they often haven’t seen a new post in years.

3. Pay attention to the refund policy on subscription sites.

Sometimes, you might pay to subscribe to a HIV dating site, then find yourself dissatisfied with the service. If you send an email to their support, you may find that they don’t have any kind of refund policy, so you’re out the money that you spent.

Most HIV dating sites have a FAQ section that will give you information about their refund policy, if they have one. You can also email their support to find out about it.

According to our research and to users’ reports, most HIV dating sites have user-friendly refund policies. You can usually get a refund within 60 days of payment if you’re not satisfied.